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Before enter in the room Trakia

Welcome to “Thracians” the game!

The game will introduce you to the history, culture and belief system of the Thracians. We will take you through the rooms of the building uncovered beneath the Ostrusha Mound, located in the Valley of the Thracian Kings near the city of Kazanlak. All of the objects, drawings and reliefs are real and were discovered at the time of the archaeological excavations. Their position in the building’s rooms is the creative decision of the team who prepared the game.

There are six rooms through which you need to pass: “Thrace,” “Tomb,” “Armoury,” “Heroon” (a temple to an immortalised tribal chief, priest, or hero), “Treasury” and “Sanctuary.” In order to enter the sixth and final room, “Sanctuary,” you need to visit the other five, successfully complete all of the games and receive pieces of Thracian treasure as prizes.

Plan of the building under the Mound:

How to use?

look around - click and hold left mouse button and move mouse
turn left 90 degrees - "left" arrow key / "A" key
turn right 90 degrees - "right" arrow key / "D" key
move forward - "up" arrow key / "W" key
move backward - "down" arrow key / "S" key
interact with hotspots - left click on them
zoom in - click and hold right mouse button (zooms back automatically when releasing right button)
(you can look around while zooming by holding left and right mouse buttons simultaneously)

Are you ready to play?